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Welcome to the Home Page of ERC Projec DarkQuest!

Welcome to the Home Page of the ERC Project DarkQuest!

The "DarkQuest: Shedding Light on the Nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy with Multi-Wavelength All-Sky Surveys" is a project selected for funding by the European Research Council's Consolidator program in 2021. The project PI is Dr. Esra Bulbul, who holds a group leader position at MPE. The project's overarching goal is to test the standard cosmology models, the theories of the growth of structure, the nature of dark energy, and gravity itself by utilizing multi-wavelength surveys of clusters of galaxies, the largest collapsed objects in the Universe. The project provides the most extensive pure catalogs of clusters of galaxies detected by the eROSITA X-ray telescope on board the Spectrum Roentgen Gamma Mission. eROSITA is one of the cosmology experiments that will provide the percent level precision on the fundamental cosmological parameters describing our Universe. On this page, you will find the exciting results on cluster science and cosmology, catalogs of large-scale structure, and the team behind this work. The work presented here is funded by the ERC's DarkQuest program and the Max Planck Society.

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