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The MPE clusters and cosmology group is mainly focused on producing the galaxy groups and cluster catalogs from the eROSITA All-Sky survey and the public optical surveys and utilization of these catalogs for cluster cosmology. On this page, you will find highlights from the eROSITA Final Equatorial Depth Survey and the first eROSITA All-Sky Survey in the Western Galactic Hemisphere.


The Cluster Survey in the Western Galactic Hemisphere


eROSITA's the first survey, eFEDS, is a performance verification survey executed over 140 sq. deg at the final Equatorial depth of the All-Sky Survey. The eFEDS science program has demonstrated the survey capabilities of eROSITA and returned high-impact science that can be achieved with X-ray-selected samples once the selection effects are accounted for properly. In the eFEDS field, we detected 542 cluster candidates. Four hundred seventy-seven are confirmed with photometric and spectroscopic surveys in the redshift range of 0.01 to 1.3. On this page, you will find our major results from the eFEDS survey.

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