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Dr. Jeremy Sanders

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Affiliated Collaborator



+49 89 30000-3340


Gießenbachstraße 1,

85748 Garching bei München

Brief Bio:

Jeremy Sanders has worked as a scientist at MPE since 2012 and was previously at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, UK. He is interested in the astrophysics of galaxy clusters, in particular, studying them using X-ray observations. He has studied in detail cooling and feedback by active galactic nuclei (AGN) in their cores and has conducted pioneering studies to understand the motion of their hot atmospheres. He is also interested in developing new techniques to analyze and visualize data, resulting in the release of widely-cited public software. As part of the German eROSITA collaboration, Jeremy is the work-package lead for astrophysics in the Cluster Working Group and works within the ground-segment team to develop data analysis software. He is the chair for Observatory Science for the Einstein Probe X-ray observatory and is a topical panel co-chair for AGN feedback in clusters for the forthcoming New Athena mission.


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